How should a Botox training company sell to clinics like yours?

The five customer types and how to sell to them

Speaking to everyone in the same way will not increase your sales. 

You don’t talk to your mother the same way you do to your father, siblings, or neighbours.

 It depends on your level of trust, your relationship with them, and their personality.

We act differently depending on who we talk to. The same applies to our customers.

This post will tell you about the five types of customers a Botox training company (and yourself) have to face and how to sell them.  

It doesn’t matter if you sell Botox training or Botox treatments.

The procedure is the same.

The buyer changes, but the buying psychology remains constant.

This article also contains a task for you to complete.

After reading it, think about which category most of your current customers, or the customers you want in your business, fall into. And then, put what you have learnt into practise in your own company.

Let’s begin:

Suppose your clinic does not offer injectables yet, and you want to consider including them as part of your service offer.

Chances are you have probably done some research into different Botox training companies. And you would call the one that connects better with you.

Let’s be honest. They all provide similar content and qualifications; their doctors have identical backgrounds and are available to move to your clinic for the day. So, you will choose the one that offers something different, solves your needs better and quicker, and fits your personality.

Everyone, including the Botox training academy, should segment and know their specific audience to deliver their message correctly.

It is impossible to please everyone. So, it is preferable to send a perfect message to the client who will benefit the most or really need your service or products.
This post will look at how this Botox training company would communicate its message in five different ways, based on its target audience: clinics like yours.

1. Fact-loving or data-hungry customers

Perhaps you are the type of person who requires evidence to believe what someone says. 

Maybe you need all the details to trust that the Botox training company is knowledgeable enough.

For you, knowledge is power.

Here is an example of the type of marketing a Botox training company might use to get your attention:

“The number of people requesting Botox increases every day.

And it is not just us saying this.

According to Allergan’s Botox total global sales forecast for 2017 vs 2024, approximately $3.2 billion worth of Botox was sold worldwide in 2017. Botox sales are expected to reach around $4.6 billion by 2024.

Long ago, women over 50 were the target of this treatment; nowadays, many men take advantage of the Botox rejuvenating effect. Even young people are jumping on the bandwagon of everlasting youth.

If you do not offer Botox treatments, you are losing clients.

Not offering Botox may cause your clients to seek treatments elsewhere, where they may be attracted to having the other procedures they are currently getting from you.

Remember, people act in their own self-interest. They are loyal until they are not anymore. 

If you have been considering a career as a Botox practitioner, you have made the right choice.

We know this is your Botox training.


Commitment: We only provide Botox training to doctors, nurses, and dentists.

Flexibility: Depending on your schedule and preferences, we offer a variety of courses and days.

Adaptability: So, whether you are just getting started or looking to expand your knowledge, we have got a Botox training course just for you. 

Choose your own:

  • Foundation Botox Training Course (1 Day)
  • Advanced Botox Training Course (1 Day)
  • Combined Botox Training Course (2 Days) 
  • Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine.

Start growing your business as a Botox practitioner today.”

This could be a good example for someone who is interested in data or if your target audience is looking for information.

If you have this type of customer, think about how you might apply this example to your products or services.

2. Emotional or expressive customers

Maybe you are more attracted to how something makes you feel.

So, if someone wants to sell you Botox training, they must appeal to your emotions and how the product or service will make you feel after you buy it.

In this case, the Botox training company should discuss how including Botox in your menu will change your relationship with your customers. 

And also emphasise how it will enhance the quality of service you provide while increasing your customer satisfaction.  

Money is less important than service quality in this situation. 

The support you receive after the Botox training course “if problems arise” is also crucial. This breaks the objection of feeling alone afterwards and gives you more confidence to treat your clients. 

So let’s see the marketing communication in this situation:

“It is not easy to connect with your patients and establish a long-term trusting professional relationship.

You need regularity to build this up.

And Botox can help you do it.

It is effective, has an almost immediate effect, and requires consistency to maintain results.

Our Botox training also allows you to express your creativity.

Botox can be used for lower face contouring, eyebrow lifting, and a variety of other procedures to achieve stunning results. It can also be combined with other techniques.

You can change people’s lives.

Our Botox training certification gives you a lot more than just an impressive accreditation. 

You can demonstrate to your clients that you have been trained to the highest standards and that they are in the best possible hands.

We offer an e-learning course to cover most of the theory because we want you to practise on real models for 70% of the time of your course. 

Our aim is for you to be fully confident in treating clients immediately after training.

All of our courses come with three months of post-course phone aftercare advice from our team of aesthetic doctors to get you started. 

This allows you to perform treatments with the confidence that a team of experienced doctors will assist you in the event of an adverse reaction.

If you choose our Botox training, you will also be protected against future regulatory changes in the industry.

Because we know your customers’ safety comes first.”

For someone more empathetic, this could be an interesting example.

If you have this type of consumer, consider how you might address their emotions before talking about facts that they may not care about.

3. “Action-oriented” or “achievement-oriented” customers

If you are impulsive and action-oriented, you fit into this group.

You live in the moment and act quickly.

If you want something, you want it now.

Getting your Botox training, or whatever you want to buy, right away is essential to your satisfaction.

Waiting times or difficulties in booking your Botox training almost immediately may cause you to look for another provider.

Here is an example of the type of marketing a Botox training company might use to get your attention:

“Is Botox training on your mind? 

Consider for a minute if this service would benefit your practice.

So, what are you waiting for? 

You know deep down that this is the service your customers are lacking.

Because of the fierce competition in today’s market, you risk missing out on opportunities to build client loyalty by not providing all the services your customers want and need.

If you don’t offer Botox, your clients may look for it elsewhere, where they may be persuaded to receive the same treatments they’re getting from you.

Keep in mind that people act in their own best interests. They’re loyal until they’re not.

So please don’t wait any longer; make it happen today. Get Botox on your treatment menu! We are your Botox training provider.



Quick response    Guaranteed bookings within a week        Flexible hours

If you choose us, we will do our best to be at your clinic the following day to train you and your medical team. 

In order to keep our waiting list as short as possible, we have an extensive medical staff team available.

After our Botox training course you will be able to start treating clients immediately.

How does it sound to be a certified Botox practitioner in two days?”

This could be an excellent example for someone who likes things done quickly and makes decisions even faster.

Consider how you can address this customer’s pain point, provide a suitable solution, and place a “Call to Action” button near that solution in your beauty business.

4. The planner and organiser

These people have a lot of ideas and want to plan things before making decisions.

They are not impulsive; they like to take their time to evaluate their options and consider the future and the consequences of their choices.

Therefore, convince them of the positive impact your products or services will have on improving their current situation. Make sure you encourage them to visualise their future.

When dealing with this type of client, you must help them see how purchasing your product or service would improve their quality of life.

Talk to them about their goals and what other steps they may take in conjunction with your product or service to help them succeed.

They need to consider all the options carefully, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and assess the consequences. 

It would be best not to generate urgency, although you can use an offer or The Scarcity Principle. In this strategy, you set a deadline for the offer’s expiration. If someone wants your product or service after that period has passed, they’ll have to pay the regular price for it.

However, if this is your primary target audience, give them at least a week to consider it.

Here’s an example of how a Botox training company might use marketing to grab your attention if you are a planner:

“Aesthetic services are in high demand, with non-surgical procedures accounting for 90% of all cosmetic treatments in the UK.

Here are some of the benefits when you enroll in one of our Botox training courses:

  • Once the training is completed, you will be in charge of your working hours, giving you independence and allowing you to direct your future.
  • You face less regulation than in the NHS.
  • In comparison to the NHS, the earning potential is considerably higher.

Our benefits as Botox training providers include:

Real-world clinical training       Immediate start       10 real models/hands-on practise

  1. Regardless of your experience level, we offer Botox training ranging from a beginner’s course to advanced masterclasses.
  2. The IQ and BCAM certifications are yours once you complete the programme. They’re made to comply with the most current government standards for cosmetic injectables.
  3. This easy-to-follow Botox training technique is aimed at reducing complications by teaching safe injection zones for all treatments.
  4. Practical ideas, insights, and aftercare information will help you find work in a Botox clinic or start your own aesthetic practice.
  5. For the first three months after your course, our team of aesthetic doctors will provide you with aftercare assistance to help you get started.
  6. Cosmetic Insure and Hamilton Fraser, two of the UK’s top aesthetic insurers, have accredited our Botox training courses. The certificates you receive upon graduation will allow you to obtain insurance.

So, if you’re a medical professional, take a look at our aesthetic training courses HERE.”

This could be a great example for someone who loves to prepare ahead and weigh all of their alternatives before purchasing.

Consider how you can relieve this customer’s pain point, help them see the big picture, and provide as much information as possible about how their business will look once they buy from you.

5. Bargain hunter or deal chaser

This is the type of customer who prioritises price over quality. They choose your product or service because of a special offer, a discount, or a freebie.

It is not that they do not appreciate high quality; they do, but they are unwilling to pay the extra price.

It would help if you could thoroughly describe what is included in your offer. They want to know exactly what they’re paying for. In other words, the more, the merrier.

Start your communication with a catchy phrase like “take full advantage,” “now you can benefit from,” “don’t miss this opportunity,” or anything similar.

You should begin with the offer. These people are impatient and want to know the price right away, so don’t keep them waiting.

It would be best to emphasise in your ad that using your product or service will allow this person to earn money.

Consider the following example of a Botox training company’s marketing communication:

“Make the most of the two-day combined dermal filler and Botox training courses.

Book together and save 10% off the regular booking price!

Botox and fillers are currently the most popular non-surgical procedures. You will undoubtedly take your practice to the next level. Your Botox and filler training includes:

  • The top 18 most common procedures
  • Hiring of models
  • Products (botulinum toxin and dermal fillers)
  • Copy of all educational material
  • Lunch
  • Certificate of completion – 8 CPD points
  • Email support for 12 months

After completing this course, you will be able to obtain indemnity insurance and immediately begin treating clients.

What sets us apart:


We offer the option of breaking down the cost of your education into manageable monthly payments with no interest.


Our clinical leads are available to assist you with any queries you may have via email for 12 months after your filler and Botox training.


If you book in November, you will receive the Allergan Online Course “Introduction to Botulinum Toxin”: The action of Botulinum Toxin, preparation, dosages, contraindications, patient information, and aftercare advice valued at £75.”

This could be a great illustration for someone who values money or special offers above everything else.

Consider putting your special deal first, then everything else that comes with it, and keeping a special package for people who book quickly.

You may believe that all the messages are relevant to you or that at least some of them are.

However, one thing is for sure: Above all, one of them has connected with you the most.

When advertising something, you only have a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention, so you’d best get straight to the point and provide the information they’re looking for, whether it’s in the form of facts, emotions, actions, plans, or offers.

And now, take action to determine what most connects with your customer and focus your communication on meeting those needs.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you notice the results:)

If you still need help despite the examples, I will be pleased to implement this knowledge into your texts or advertisements.You can find me at

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