The best 4 copywriting tips for beauty clinics

The best copywriting tips I want to cover today will benefit 945 clinics in the UK which are offering Medical Aesthetic treatments. They will benefit 648 clinics in London. And also thousands worldwide.

Because these copywriting tips can be applied to any Aesthetic/beauty clinic.

Beauty is a profitable, growing business, but for your clients might be the only way to boost their self-esteem.

It’s incredible to make a living knowing that you also change people’s life.

There are no copywriting tips just yet, but we are getting to the point, be patient.

However, your prospective clients have 648 clinics in London talking about their self-esteem and where they can go and change their lives.

If you want these people to choose your business, you need to be different.

I am talking about London because it’s where I live, but it can be applied to any place.

Ok, then, let’s start with the most basic copywriting tips: you are on the wrong path if you say things like

  • We are leaders in the field
  • Doctor-led clinic
  • Bespoke treatments
  • Natural results
  • Award-winning clinic
  • Safe, high-quality treatment
  • Feel confident in your skin

You’re wrong, not because these claims are false.

You might even think they are your brand’s genetic code.

The point here is they are also the DNA of 648 clinics in London.

Visualise a prospective client searching for a clinic online. But they all claim to have the best doctor, with 25 years of experience, a personalised treatment plan, and natural results…

Which one do you think will win? Probably the cheaper one.

When everything sounds the same, the price becomes the deciding factor.

Are you ready to change the current rules of the game? 

Copywriting tips 1:

You may do the same thing, but you can tell it differently

We can’t reinvent the wheel, but we can try new ways to tell the story.

The first copywriting tips example comes with Laser Life.

They offer a range of services, including laser. However, their differentiation is not based on the therapies they deliver but rather on their uniqueness.

“We don’t have a flashy shop-front, so – like our celebrity clients – you can get your treatments discreetly. You’ll look and feel fantastic, but only you will know why”.

They offer similar treatments; however, they differentiate themselves from others by providing discretion.

As a bonus, they also put you in the mood to feel like a famous star. And who doesn’t want to be treated like a celebrity?

Copywriting tips 2:

If you want to use the terms above, at least explain how they benefit your clients

I think I know what you are about to think: ” How am I not going to make sure my clients are aware I have 25 years of experience?”.

Experience is a plus, but your competitors may have the same advantage. The number of years might be the same, but it’s what you’ve done in those years that makes a difference.

Infinity Aesthetics explains this copywriting tip as part of their value proposition.

Copywriting tips 2

They don’t just say how long they’ve been in business. They also explain how their customers benefit from all those years of performing treatments.

Feeling comfortable in your skin is another overused cliché. It was a great one years ago, though.

When your skin issues improve, you definitely gain confidence.

But again, everyone says that.

Take a look at this copywriting tip and how London Real Skin has turned it around:


Copywriting tips 3 house in hands
<a href=’’>Real estate broker photo created by –</a>

Even though I didn’t know them, I instantly had the feeling that my skin would be just fine in this place.

I just thought about how I felt when I returned home from those long three-week holidays.

It’s lovely to go away, but it’s like nothing else when you return home. You are in your place.

Don’t you want your clients to have this feeling when booking their treatments with you?

Copywriting tips 3:

Even if you perform treatments in the same way, you might say something others don’t

Botox is a toxin that paralyses muscle movements, preventing wrinkles.

In your clinic and another 945 in the UK, Botox works exactly the same way.

Obviously, technique counts, but the process is all that matters for a client who wants this treatment.

If they read five websites and all of them are doctor-led clinics with over 15 years of experience explaining how Botox works, which one will they choose?

The wrinkle doctor shows these copywriting tips very well.


We offer numbing cream to all clients prior to all injectable treatments

Is this unique? Not at all. We did the same thing seven years ago when I worked as a doctor’s assistant in Mayfair.

However, not many clinics say that to their patients, even though it’s a massive advantage for those more sensitive to needles.

Someone afraid of injections is more likely to visit a clinic that assures an almost pain-free procedure.

Can you see how knowing your clients’ concerns and desires helps you connect with them better?

Copywriting tips 4:

Use storytelling to create your unique story

Stories have the power to excite and surprise. I’m sure you and your business have a story to tell.

Tell your clients about it, and you’ll be able to connect with them in a more personal way.

That’s how powerful they are.

However, there aren’t many clinics with a nice story behind them.

Actually, this is not entirely true.

They might have an incredible story, but they don’t share it on their website.

Yet, I came across a very well-known story about someone who has done an excellent job building his brand name.

He is Dr Zein Obagi.

You may or may not agree with him.

But, nobody can deny how brilliantly he has made a name for himself.

Everyone knows him. And his products (old and new) are in the most famous clinics in the UK and worldwide.

Your story makes you special; it is unique, just like you. No one can compete with your story because it belongs only to you.

I hope that you find those copywriting tips useful. Apply them to your website, and you’ll change visits to clients sooner than you think.

Even though I know how busy you are taking care of clients and running your business. I understand that you have a lot on your plate, and you might need help.

If you want someone else to do the typing, keep in touch and hire a medical copywriter to do it for you.

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