THIS IS NOELIA, nice to meet you

My job is to bring all my experience as a copywriter and clinical aesthetician to your digital texts.

I can make your products and services sell better because I know all the secrets from within. I know which words to use and how to mix them so that your clients trust you, like you, and therefore buy from you.

I have also written a fascinating eBook on neuro-sales applied to the Beauty industry and how to make more effective sales.

It has practical examples that you can adapt to treatments as well, and what’s even better: it’s FREE!

I studied biology, which has given me the scientific knowledge to understand the physiology of the skin.

Fifteen years of working as a beautician and masseuse give me the practical experience to talk about them with a “know how” knowledge.

I have touched almost every area of the beauty industry

In many of my jobs had targets to meet.

I attended many sales training to make the business grow by selling more products and treatments.

I don’t base my copy on theories or online reading. I write words that 15 years of experience have engraved in my DNA, treating and selling to clients like those who visit you.

Besides writing, I love handicrafts. I have made many things, but the Barbie’s dollhouse with recycled material, for my daughter, is the one I am most proud of.

I translate this artistic vein into creativity for your digital content.

Six curiosities about me

Although I’m from a city surrounded by mountains, what I love the most is the seaside. I have always had a fascination and a special connection with the sea.

I love history. I can’t imagine travelling to a place where there are no ruins. In Pompeii, I missed the train because I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

I love good quality food, and I guess having a husband chef makes you value and understand it even more.

The most outstanding achievement I have made in my life has been writing good copy in my second language.

I couldn’t live without a good book or chocolate. On a rainy afternoon and a blanket… and babysitting for the baby. And dreams are dreams. 😊

I love big cities—the tranquillity of going among thousands of people who don’t care about your life.

Some clients

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