What is copywriting? Why do your business need it?

People talk a lot about copywriting, and many businesses are looking for copywriters. Someone might have told you that your website needs copywriting, but you may not know what that means.  Don’t worry. In this post, I’ll explain what copywriting is and why it’s essential to the success of your business.  Then we’ll talk about […]

The best 4 copywriting tips for beauty clinics

Copywriting tips with coffee

The best copywriting tips I want to cover today will benefit 945 clinics in the UK which are offering Medical Aesthetic treatments. They will benefit 648 clinics in London. And also thousands worldwide. Because these copywriting tips can be applied to any Aesthetic/beauty clinic. Beauty is a profitable, growing business, but for your clients might […]

Top 7 mental sales triggers to thrive in your beauty business

7 mental triggers to thrive sales

Some activities happen naturally, like chewing, breathing, or scratching.  The human brain regulates certain tasks to save energy. If not, you’d be drained off by 10 a.m. The choice of purchase is another autonomous task. Your unconscious mind knows what it wants before you do. As you can see, it is quick and self-sufficient. Some […]

How should a Botox training company sell to clinics like yours?

The five customer types and how to sell to them Speaking to everyone in the same way will not increase your sales.  You don’t talk to your mother the same way you do to your father, siblings, or neighbours.  It depends on your level of trust, your relationship with them, and their personality. We act […]


A few ingredients sparkle with the power of Retinol. It is claimed to be the only one capable of efficiently reversing the effects of ageing and photo-ageing. Is Retinol, however, as impressive as we’ve been taught to believe? Or is it just a product of marketing? If you keep reading, I’ll address these and other […]