Some of the best
SEO-friendly keywords for beauty industry

Are you ready to get your website or blog on Google's first page?

What can you do when the cost per click is so high that you might no longer afford it? 

If you want to be bought, first you need to be seen. But…
– People are so bombarded with ads that they have become immune.
– Plus, the cost of each click is so high that you have to reconsider your marketing strategy.
Businesses have been inquiring more and more about SEO lately. And this isn’t just a coincidence.
Everyone wants to be #1 on Google. 
You can pay for ads or write an SEO-friendly post or page to rank it for free.  
First one is quicker but nowadays too expensive.
SEO is slower and more complicated. 
It is also much more than keywords, but choosing the right ones is crucial!

But which keyword is best?

Maybe you know the answer to this one: the most popular monthly search.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you that it depends.

It depends on many aspects that we won’t discuss here. But one of the most important factors is the difficulty of ranking keywords.
A very popular keyword with 300,000 monthly searches but a difficulty of 98 is far worse to rank than another with only 1000 searches and a difficulty of 1.

* FIRST KEYWORD: Getting a decent ranking is too challenging, and even a terrific (and long) post can land you on page 10 or worse. Your visibility will be 0.

* SECOND KEYWORD: In the second option, you have a chance to finish on the first Google page, and those thousand people will see you.


Would you rather be noticed by a thousand people or by no one?

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